Color coated board is widely used in chemical equipment, power equipment, etc. In order to let everyone have a better understanding of it, let's introduce the matters needing attention of Color Coated Aluminum Coil.

1. The roll surface of the plate bending machine needs to be cleaned; Before the cylinder is rolled and rounded, it is necessary to check the pollutants on the plate surface, and the damaged stickers need to be re-pasted; Prepare corresponding internal and external templates.

2. Operators need to master the performance of the plate bending machine. Other non-professionals are prohibited from operating; Try to reduce the number of times the cylinder goes back and forth in the rolling process, and strictly control the amount of misalignment of color coated aluminum coils.

3. Forcibly assembling, knocking and hammering cylinders with large hammers are prohibited. For cylinders with larger diameters, it is necessary to roll and calibrate them with hanging rollers. Submit for inspection, and carry out the requirements for product test boards as required.

4. Make a record of the elongation of each cylinder carefully, and make a good pairing for the subsequent circumferential joints and head pairs.

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