The jungler in League of Legends has one of the most unique roles in the game. They spend most of the their time tucked away in the foliage between the three main lanes of Summoner's Rift, fighting neutral monsters, gathering buffs and looking for ways to flank the opposing team.

It can look like a daunting, complex role when you first consider jumping into the role, as it's not your traditional laning experience by any means. There are peculiar and highly specific mechanics to learn, as well as knowledge of certain monsters, buffs, and routes.

Picking the Right Champions

You might have heard the phrase that most games are won or lost in the drafting phase. This saying couldn’t be more accurate when you talk about selecting a champion for jungling. ADCs and Midlaners usually like picking champions that counter the enemy team. But, a jungler is supposed to fill in the gaps and pick something the team needs. We’ll go through some scenarios that will explain our point.


Junglers are like the second supports. Early game wards are usually to ensure that your laners don’t get ganked, but you can’t do that when you don’t know where the jungler is, don’t you?

Wards in the enemy jungle will let you know about their whereabouts at all times, offering a sense of safety to your teammate, steal enemy buffs and potentially set up for a kill on their jungler as well.

If you want to create your own strategies on how to go on warding or how to plan your jungling farms, you can use the LoL Planner. It’s a great little website that allows you to draw your strategies in real-time with your team mates. It can prove to be a great asset to you if used right.

Efficient Pathing

This is something who’s importance cannot be emphasized enough. Pathing is a tip that is mentioned in literally every single League of Legends Jungler Guide on the internet.

Efficient pathing is a skill that might not seem like something too major, but if you want, you can take the time to check how much farm you can get without pathing correctly and then doing so you’ll notice a significant difference and if it carries on, you could actually outfarm the carries. There are a lot of factors affecting pathing and you can’t really say that all junglers should go down the same way.

Choosing Your Role in the Game

Before selecting a jungler, you should try to determine what type of role you’re looking to play. This depends on the drafting from the enemy team as well as the draft of your own team. But, generally, when we talk about roles (not the ADC, support, jungler type of roles), jungler’s are classified into three roles.

Top-Notch Communication

If you read our support and ADC guides, you’ll notice how we mention communication in every single of them. The same goes for our League of Legends Jungler Guide. This is because communication is one of the most important aspects of every game regardless of which champion, which role or how you’re playing.

If you watch some high ELO streamers on Twitch, you’ll see that every single one of them have mics and constantly communicate their every move. The easiest way to understand the importance of good communication is that higher ELO players don’t just use mics because they’re high up in ranks, they’re so high because they use mics.

Jungling is a role that just doesn’t work without a mic. You’re going to be talking to the rest of your team, coordinating ganks and counterganking as well. All of this isn’t possible without having to stand afk for about 10 seconds to type it all. 10 seconds may not seem like a lot, but in League of Legends it’s a lot. Instead, of having to waste so much time typing, all you need to say is “ganking bot in 20 seconds”.

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