This article focuses on what we need to pay attention to when we buy various plastic moulds. Here is a brief introduction by the Plastic Mould Factory:

Then distinguishing which mould is of high quality is also the most basic point for us to master. We can distinguish one by one according to the following aspects:

First of all, price, penny, penny. As far as plastic moulds are concerned, the same is true. For example, in the selection of raw materials, the quality of mould products with brand-new plastic raw materials must be better than that with secondary materials, and naturally, the quotation must be more expensive than that with secondary materials.

Second, the details of the mould products, such as the plastic surface must be neat and smooth, full of luster, the inner wall is the same, there is no redundant plastic burrs and stains, and the color of the mould can be uniform.

Third, if there is no test in advance, then the quality of this mould product can only be found in the process of production practice, but it can still be judged that the quality of the mould product is good or bad.

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