Location: China

Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Brands: OEM & ODM

Certificate: CE,ISO9001

Model: Customization

Terms of payment: Negotiation

Minimum order quantity: 1 Sets

Price: Consultation

Packing details: Container

Delivery time: Negotiation

Payment method: Negotiation

ANYTH-1 Portal Edge Grinder

This machine has the function of processing various linear edges and curved edges. The φ250 saw blade can be used for slotting. The machine adopts the immersion oil fully enclosed upper horizontal running track frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, the carriage lifting, the electric and the manual functions. It has strong load capacity and stability. Good character, long service life and low cost. The machining feed speed can be set arbitrarily to meet various processing needs. The machine is also designed with automatic and manual double action lifting, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency.