Through a recent survey of customers, we found that many customers do not understand Chipper Shredder very well, and hope that manufacturers can further explain. Today, the editor will share the relevant information with you, I hope to inspire and help everyone.
 The construction site of the Rapid Splitter generally stipulates that the universal bridge wood shredder used on the construction site cannot touch the live power line without any distinction, and some wood chip shredder construction sites ignore this. When the grinder boom or sling touches the power line, it will cause a safety hazard to the wood grinder worker. When approaching the safety limit of the plastic pipe machine, the computer and the monitor will issue a warning, and the automatic installation device will stop the use of Chipper Shredder. And this method is cheap, safe and reliable. Chipper Shredder's maintenance is the guarantee to keep the machine running in good technology.