1.Selecting the appropriate hot stamping foil is very important especially to small Stamping Machine. Temperature, pressure, stamping speed must be controlled to work in good procedure and vary as per different stamping material, different stamping size

2. Working speed and cutting direction should be good controlled while operating the Stamping Machine

3. Selecting right property of paper, ink (especially black ink), kerosene, composite glue to Hot Stamping Foil , and keeping printing object in dry condition as to avoid tipping machine layer of oxide or injury.

4. Hot Stamping Foil package normally is : 64CM x 120CM per roll, 10 rolls / box. Customerized width 64CM, length of 120m/360m or other special specifications are available.

5. Storage Hot Stamping Foil in vertical position, pressure proof, moisture proof, heat resistant, sunscreen and place in cool place

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