To evaluate the quality of a down jacket, besides keeping warm, it also needs good quality, and the Down Jacket Fabric is also very important.

Most of them are polyester fabrics, which are strong and cheap. Inside is a lint-proof liner. Therefore, down jackets generally have four layers.

The down jacket fabric can be divided into an inner layer and an outer layer. In the selection of the outer layer, the basic principle is that high density does not drill down, and the outer liner with excellent heat preservation should be sewn well. The outer sewing process is sewn by high density international standard thread, which can ensure that there will be no gaps in the fabric, thus ensuring that no down will drill out. The outer layer of down jacket needs to adopt high-density coated fabric, so as to obtain high-strength windproof effect. Environmental protection coating is added to the surface, thus showing bright color and perfect waterproof.

Secondly, the inner layer of down jacket needs to be breathable and durable, which meets the requirements of super breathable comfort. It is best to use 100% nylon and other materials. The inner layer fabric should be soft and not stuffy. When wearing down jacket, the heat can be easily released, which will not cause damp and stuffy. Moreover, it is easy to dry after washing, which makes the down jacket wear longer.

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