As a kind of machining, mould machining has the general characteristics of machining, and it also has its own unique characteristics. As a supplement to the mould processing drawing, the assembly drawing of Pipe Fittings Mould processing is also very important. Therefore, for the assembly drawing of the pipe fittings mould, it is suggested that the designer should do the following eight aspects.

First, whether the plastic products have clear reference positioning on the mould.

Second, whether the assembly position of each part of the plastic mould is firm or not, the processing should be simple and easy.

Third, standard parts should be preferred for mould processing parts to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance.

Fourth, the technical requirements should be clear and correct.

Fifth, the drawing should be concise and clear, and the fine structure should be enlarged.

Sixth, the dimensions should be clear, and the positions of the three views should conform to the projection relationship.

Seventh, whether the drawing of plastic products is revised to make it have a reasonable demoulding slope.

Eighth, we should give full consideration to the correction of the tolerance of plastic products after the plastic mould test.

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