The color of Basic Copper Sulphate is sky blue or slightly yellow granular crystals, and the aqueous solution is acidic. It is a protective inorganic bactericide and is relatively safe for humans and animals.

Basic copper sulfate is also called bluestone or blue vitriol. It is a chemical produced by the chemical reaction of different copper compounds with sulfuric acid. From pyrotechnic production to grape cultivation, this compound has a wide range of uses. Some things need to be paid attention to when dealing with basic copper sulfate, because of its toxicity and acidity, contact with it will bring health hazards to living organisms.

The Copper Chloride Dihydrate Manufacturers introduced different changes in the appearance of basic copper sulfate. It is generally a crystal with a color between light blue and light green. Alum is its most common form, and this mineral can be found in many arid regions. Some manufacturers first process basic copper sulfate into powder before selling it to make it easier to mix with other materials to produce the corresponding compound. As a basic rule, basic copper sulfate is highly soluble and can quickly dissolve in many materials.