I have been playing madden since'01. This will be the season that I dont buy the one that is new. Congratulations EA, you have finally ruined my passion for video game football. Joke winning Madden championship without death once really sealed the deal. Cant wait to hear from everybody that plays, complain of the identical legacy problems that are countless. "Oh fuck, I cant get this scum kick on the return, oh fuck im being bulldozed from the Mut 21 coins stretch, oh fuck my blocking AI is incompetent and cant block a fucking 180 lb DB". Same shit different year Ill REALLY miss out on those parties.

God I would not mind seeing him becoming stiff armed into oblivion for the rest of his profession. I really don't think we blameless from the Fitzpatrick situation and I be pissed that it came down to us having to exchange him. I mean come on, how awful could our secondary be if we had him? It's not so much that he abandoned. It's when he got to Pittsburgh, all of the bullshit he was talking. He could not stand being used in versatile roles but once he got his manner he morphed into Mr. team talking about how he is prepared to play wherever they want him. He didn't wish to do the dirty work involved in being a strong safety. He only wanted to keep his jersey clean roaming the secondary getting selections to fulfill his stat sheet. He is a diva.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he has said, it makes sense. Pittsburgh put him in a role since FS and he flourished. It cites how his stats dipped because his way wasn't throwing. Which caused him to want to become more flexible and therefore harder to defend. I'm glad Minkah found what works for him. At the end of the day people are going to make judgements and I think he wanted no part of a rebuild.

He was dressed to be that chess piece with the Dolphins but he couldn't buy in. He lasted two weeks before he asked for a trade, couldn't make it a quarter of the year. He quit on the team. His role on the defense's issue proved to be a convenient reason to eliminate what was going to be long term reconstruct and a team. He saw an outside and took it. I really don't dislike him for leaving. I dislike the manner in which I perceive he pushed his way off the group. However, as Minkah says

It's a part of the occupation. They exchanged three other gamers, also." Yeah, business is business. Nothing better for business than forcing a transaction known for defenses. Getting to play with his function that is preferred. Alongside a lot of first round selections all over the starting defensive lineup. It's an excellent alternative to playing a role he didn't want to on a team embarking on a multi-year rebuild. Now that he obtained what he wanted so he could keep padding his stat sheet late into the 27, he is conveniently ready to be versatile. He is a hall of famer. But he will always come off as buy mut coins madden 21 a bum to me.