There are two criteria for choosing a good mattress. The first is to keep the spine straight and stretch no matter what sleeping position the person is in. The second is that the pressure is equal when lying on it, and the whole body can be fully relaxed. In life, people's general requirements for mattresses are beautiful appearance, smooth surface, dry, breathable, moderate thickness, not easy to deform, durable, easy to maintain and so on.

Mattresses are a tool for everyone's daily sleep. Different people are suitable or used to mattresses of different types and configurations. The standard for professional evaluation of mattresses is to analyze the functionality, comfort, and safety of the mattress.

1. Factors affecting the functionality of the mattress include: stability, fixability, weight, friction characteristics between the cushion and the cushion cover, thickness, appearance, durability and retention characteristics.

2. Factors affecting the comfort of a mattress include: pressure distribution, shear/friction, humidity, temperature, stability and other factors.

3. Factors affecting the safety of the mattress include: pressure distribution, stability, shear/friction, temperature, humidity, durability, source of infection control, mite control, cleaning, flame retardancy, etc. of the mattress.

After understanding the evaluation criteria of mattresses, we also have our own ideas and opinions on the choice of mattresses. The right choice of mattresses that suits you is the kingly way. You can try and compare more according to your needs. Find the mattress that suits you best.

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