Sounds fine but they'll make record earnings this season simply because MUT exists. If you're able to get the shills over at madden ultimateteam to cool for a year we'll have something. Until then, EA doesn't care. 1 streamer alone could spend 6 grand in a night and compensate for Mut 21 coins a hundred copies which we boycotted. Trust me, many of us on the MUT sub are tired of EA's bullshit. But we're just a small portion of the neighborhood, and also the men and women who aren't necessarily to the societal side of Madden are the problem.

The problem isn't us buying the base game, it's the clowns who drop hundreds of additional dollars on MUT, that's where they earn a ton of money out of. Everyone KNOWS how bad the packs are, but folks keep blowing money for some reason on these. Even more so, it's the youtubers who"make their living" opening thousands on packs...while bitching about Madden NFL 21. Like yo, should you hate Madden NFL 21 quit spending money and your time. If you are a fantastic streamer, your neighborhood will see you play other Madden NFL.But lots more people watch those YouTubers purchasing packs with ad revenue because the packs are shitty and not worth spending actual money on however in turns that provides more ad revenue to open packs and fill EA's pockets.

This year, I'm not buying. Usually I wait for a purchase and try to acquire at least half, however I do not want them reporting any earnings from me, dollars or units transferred. Side note, how the hell do they not do a little research into this child they're adding as a trainer. They would've known about how this child has been acting by 20, if they had any involvement. I doubt that they intentionally place him in understanding that but this just proves time and time again that EA and Madden devs are lazy and do not care about due diligence because of their own game. This sort of focus or lack thereof is why Madden NFL 21 is where it is and the answer to M21 far has been the way it's. Individuals and same ol are tired of this.

I'm probably going to buy madden 21... maybe not the mvp variant. Mut for a notion sickens me. And I refuse to pay cash for a game I paid for. But I'm in a friendly and really active multi year franchise group. I like and we do want to switch and keep the leagues moving. I wish they would enhance franchise style. It is so disappointing that people who desire an improve franchise style are clowns are thought by EA. And that really just demonstrates to me about offering an enjoyable game, that they dont care, they need money. I have not played enough Madden online to know - is there some in-game approach to report folks? On NHL, my buddies and I play the EASHL mode pretty much exclusively (each of you restrain a particular participant ), and without a in-game report choice you're constantly seeing"Nick Gurr" and various other childish, racist player and group titles. But now they have a message about equality and how they're trying harder now that you need to browse through so I figure what's supposed to be buy mut coins madden 21 fine.

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