1. Chipper Shredderis an advanced fine crushing equipment. This series of products are carefully developed based on the advantages of various crushers and fully utilize the theories of impact, shear, mutual impact, and grinding.
    2. Chipper Shredder is mainly used for processing pine wood, miscellaneous wood, poplar wood, fir, raw bamboo, furniture factory scraps and other materials, and is more suitable for wood chip machine (sawdust wood crusher) processing based on edible fungus cultivation. At the same time, the machine can also be used for pulverizing and cutting fibrous rod-shaped materials such as bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, corn cob, sorghum stalk, etc. The wood shredder can also be used for the production of raw materials for particleboard and sawdust high-density boards. This series of equipment is suitable for large, medium and small edible fungus production bases, the material preparation section of particleboard and fiberboard production enterprises, and can also be used for the production of commercial wood chips by self-employed individuals.
    3. The thickness of Rapid Splitter is determined by the bottom of the screen. The internal blades are made of manganese steel, [20 blades and 48 blades, respectively] The casing is protected by a manganese steel liner. Durability has doubled.
    When the large-scale wood crusher equipment is working, the materials can be fully and effectively finely crushed in the crushing cavity, with high output, low energy consumption, fast efficiency, and uniform discharge fineness. And when using the equipment, it has low noise, no pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
    If you want to know more details about Rapid Splitter, you can call our hotline for consultation and understanding. Professional technicians and sales managers will select the equipment model suitable for you to use, and sincerely invite you Personally visit our factory and test the machine.