Bonded fabric are usually formed by laminating two or three layers of materials.

Bonded fabric is a kind of composite material made of cotton cloth, leather, wood, environmental protection film, etc. through special process with bonded fabric compounding machine. It has special advantages and performance. In general, the synthetic method of bonded fabric is divided into two production methods of adhesive and non-adhesive by whether the glue is added in one link. The key point of how to ensure the production quality of the bonded fabric is to strictly standardize the operation of the compound machine in the production process.

The production process of bonded fabric is divided into four steps, namely, preliminary preparation, dyeing, compounding and cooling. In the processing technology, firstly, the guide roller of the base material should be set according to the line of the line, and the placement ratio of the adhesive should be reasonably determined; secondly, the heating device of the oven should be turned on for heating, and then the switch of the machine should be turned on for dyeing after heating to an accurate temperature; the dyeing step is not complicated; only the base material passing through the anilox roller needs to be coated with the dye, and then the next operation can be continued after drying; this process is automatically produced by the compound machine without excessive human intervention, and is simple and convenient; finally, the whole production step is completed after the winder cools down. Therefore, the strict and standardized operation can ensure the quality of fabric production.

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