Never put articles made out of different types of material together in the same rubber extruder machine, even if post-curing conditions are the same.Industrial hot air circulating drying oven widely used in drying industry, such as transformer, inductance baking.The entire operation involves at least four main processes: the rubber is fed through a cold-feed vented extruder.

  Poor out-gassing and high concentration levels of volatiles in the oven may also lead to reduction in strength.Microwave ovens are found in almost every home.Continuous rubber hose production line are able to process more product with less labor.

  Also, the salt does not cause surface oxidation, and it is easy to clean off with water.rubber extrusion production line is normally used to pre-heat the the rubber parts before it is finished with another medium such as hot air.Two motorized stainless steel shafts cantilevered through the rear wall of the oven with a drum coupling device to rotate the loads.