The advantages of which belt types does the high performance V-Belt combine?If the belts are exposed to unfavourable conditions, then the shelf life of the belts can reduce rapidly.High performance V-Belt resist oil and heat for efficient operation and low maintenance.High performance V-Belt combine traction with the speed of movement to High Performance V-Belt.

  Safe use is ensured by preventing static electricity.Enhances power transmission efficiency by reducing slip.Most new drives these days use universal pulleys, so in most cases the classical high strength V-Belt can be replaced with a narrow v-belt.To provide smooth quiet operation.High strength V-Belt allow high speeds and high torques to be transmitted.

  Trapezoidal in shape to wedge deeper into the tracks of pulleys preventing slippage and alignment problems.We all know, even if we do not always act on it, that high strength V-Belt is rare to get high-end performance for a low-end High strength V-Belt.The narrower sheave means lower weight and therefore lower side load on the bearings.