How to deal with the falling seedling phenomenon of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine. In the process of using Knapsack Fertilizer Machine, there will be a phenomenon of falling seedlings, so what should we do? Let’s explain to you how to deal with the phenomenon of falling seedlings of Knapsack Fertilizer Machine.

Bulk density is related to the particle size and total porosity of the seedling substrate. Where the total porosity is small and the ratio is serious, its bulk density is large. The bulk density of the seedling substrate is too large, in addition to the inconvenient operation during seedling raising, it is also inconvenient to transport as a commercial seedling substrate; if the seedling substrate is too light and lacks bonding ability, the substrate is easy to float and splash during watering, and it is not easy to fix the root system. Use other seedling substrates together to prevent seedlings from falling. The total porosity of the suitable seedling substrate should be more than 54%, and the water holding capacity should be more than 150%. The bulk density of the ordinary seedling substrate 3 is 0.2-0.8gcm, which can fix the root system and is suitable for long-distance transportation. Total porosity refers to the sum of water-holding pores and aeration pores in the seedling substrate. If the size of the seedling substrate is too small, the bulk density will increase, and the permeability will fall; if the particle size is too large, it is difficult to control the depth. The Manual Corn Seeder will have uneven emergence after sowing, which is not conducive to cultivating uniform and strong seedlings, and is not conducive to maintaining fertilizer and water.