Location: China

Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Brands: OEM & ODM

Certificate: CE,ISO9001

Model: Customization

Terms of payment: Negotiation

Minimum order quantity: 1 Sets

Price: Consultation

Packing details: Container

Delivery time: Negotiation

Payment method: Negotiation

ANYTH 3 bits hole cutting machine in single worktable

Scope of application: High-performance automatic assembly line opening and chamfering equipment developed for artificial stone, quartz stone, marble and countertop processing industry.
Equipment functions: table top stove hole, above counter basin, Taichung basin, under counter basin, back wall pack with missing corner cut, and oblique joint joint cut.
Basic processing: The equipment is welded and annealed by integral steel pipe. The machining machine is a Japanese Mazak five-axis CNC gantry milling machine, which effectively guarantees the service life and machining accuracy of the equipment.
Configuration selection: The core mechanical and electrical components are all imported or domestic first-line brands, which effectively guarantees the operational stability and quality of the equipment.
Fool-type operation: The control system is independently developed by Longhan's own software department, and the equipment can reach the fool-like operation, effectively avoiding the problem of high entry threshold caused by the low quality of the practitioners. The automatic processing of automatic feeding and discharging of the assembly line has greatly met the current development trend of the countertop industry, effectively reducing the processing dust of the factory, improving the standardization of the products, and the requirements for the operators to be used without differentiation.
Processing quality assurance: This equipment adopts three-knife automatic switching and on-line processing design, which is easy to operate, high in processing efficiency and good in quality.
This machine is the primary choice for standardized countertop processing plants!