Can the newly purchased acrylic fish tank be used directly?

1. Clarify the scale of disinfection. In addition to disinfecting the entire aquarium, the filtering equipment and membranes placed in it should also be disinfected. If there is a loophole in the disinfection operation, it will leave a gap in the levee, and there is a risk of collapse at any time.

2. Choose a disinfectant product. Generally, when disinfecting fish, there are two useful disinfectants, namely chlorine water and potassium permanganate. Both of these disinfectants can effectively release active oxygen and then kill microorganisms and bacteria in the water. However, they also have their own disinfection features, so everyone can choose according to their needs. Like chlorine water is colorless, it will not change the color of the water body when it is put into the tank, and its oxidizing property is very strong, and the power and quality of disinfection are relatively high.

But because it is colorless, people cannot tell whether it is completely dissolved, and we know that this substance will also affect fish. If the fish is not completely differentiated, it will definitely have a negative effect. The disinfection ability of potassium permanganate is weaker than that of chlorinated water, and it will also make the fish tank red during disinfection, but as long as the reaction is complete, its products will settle at the bottom of the tank, and these residues are related to water quality and fish. There will be no impact.

3. Other matters needing attention. In addition to disinfecting the fish tank, the aquatic plants and other decorations put in the tank must be disinfected and insecticidal before they are put into the tank. In addition, before the fish enter the tank, check whether there is any disease, so as to avoid the phenomenon of dead fish just after entering the tank.

In short, if you don't want to be "struck" by dead fish just after you have just invested in fish farming, you must disinfect your newly purchased acrylic fish tank. Moreover, it is far from enough to do this step well. To raise fish well, you must spend more time on changing water, feeding, and landscaping.

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