Graphene fabric is a new type of multifunctional fabric mainly used in the field of clothing. It can be used in the production of high-end clothing such as suits and trousers. However, the current use of this fabric is not widespread, and its share in the apparel fabric market is extremely low. Many friends may have heard of this fabric for the first time. In order to give everyone a better understanding of graphene fabrics, the following will introduce this fabric around the advantages and disadvantages of graphene.

Advantages of graphene fabric:

The resistivity of graphene is very small, so it has very good electrical conductivity. This is also the main reason why graphene is antistatic. In addition to antistatic, graphene also has electromagnetic shielding functions. These functions also make graphene fabrics become a production mining professional clothing. The fabric of choice.

Graphene fabrics have extremely strong stretch and strength, fabrics also have very good elasticity, graphene fabrics also have good antibacterial and antibacterial properties, this kind of fabric itself is non-toxic, skin-friendly and comfortable after being made into clothes. Excellent wearing experience. At the same time, it can also be worn next to the body. Graphene fabric has a good health care effect.

Disadvantages of graphene fabric:

Because of the low output and the high cost of the graphene material itself, the price of the graphene fabric made is also very expensive, and the graphene fabric of slightly better quality costs hundreds of pieces per meter. Secondly, the application range of graphene fabrics is also very limited. It is generally not used on the T-shirts and pants I usually wear, so not many people know about graphene.

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