My CPU teammates have inexplicable breakdowns on protection or can not fill lanes. Nobody may produce a pass to NBA 2K21 MT for sale half court or more with no flying out of bounds, as if they're not professional athletes. Random 360 windmills in traffic blocked while it just safely dropped at the hoop. I can't even create the MyPlayer I need because they imposed those bs limits on stats and made NBA 2K way more grindy. It's a crock of shit. They're the developers potential.

As a big NBA fan I like that they put Kobe in for the covers, although I am conflicted on using him for this year's legend edition. Obviously Kobe is Kobe, he's been the legend edition cover athlete earlier, but now that he's passed away I do not know whether I enjoy them with his likeness to sell the 100 expensive special variant. Additionally, I hope there's feature parity between current gen and next gen models. Afaik the model coming to PC is your gen, and I am not likely to get a PS5 for a while yet.

NBA 2K21 Kobe Bryant Cover Announcement Trailer

People really upset that the LEGEND is on the legend variant. Individuals who buy the variant that is more expensive do so as they can manage it and take pleasure in the bonuses. Otherwise they will settle with version. I doubt somebody is gonna break their bank simply to get a cover picture if it is Kobe. Kobe was of course expected and just fitting. Covers are magnificent. Current to second gen transition is causing a great deal of confusion but is far better than anticipated. Remember NBA 2K is printed by precisely the exact same company that's going to re-release GTA V for another time.

Have fun with the 10$ worth of articles you paid twice NBA 2K's cost for!

Does anyone else feel like them only putting Kobe on the 99 version is sort of utilizing kobe's passing to improve profit? I don't know sort of rubbing me the wrong way. Yeah but why just put kobe on that one? They know people want kobe stuff right now. "how can we get more people to buy the legend variant this year instead of whilst price? I know, let's place a present player with typical marketability on the pay but launch the one for $99 with kobe". The last few years there's ever been a legend variant with a buy 2K21 MT legend about the cover along with the normal edition with a current day NBA player, why should they change that now?