Petrol Log Splitter is a kind of crushing equipment whose rotor adjusts and rotates. Its crushing forms are mainly blow and collision. When the material to be crushed enters the crusher, it is hit by a certain rotor and becomes fragments. These fragments hit the inner wall of the crusher at a high speed or collide with each other, or hit the rotor again, and the violent crushing of the material continues like this . There are also different degrees of friction, slicing and tearing effects in the crusher.
          Petrol Log Splitter has many hammer blades hinged on the pin shaft. This crusher is particularly suitable for crushing hard and fragile materials, but it can also be used for soft or tough fibrous materials. In fact, it is also commonly used to crush soft materials, because hard materials can cause severe wear.

        For various types of impact crushers, the product particles mainly depend on the speed of the rotor and the feed flow rate. All Performance Built Log Splitters should be crushed to a greater extent during one crushing process. The claw grinder is also a kind of Performance Built Log Splitter commonly used in the food industry. The simplest type is composed of a fixed disk and a rotating disk. The two disks are very close to each other, and the plates are equipped with nails, pins or teeth. Some are equipped with a sieve surface on the entire outer column. The material is fed from the axial direction and is crushed by repeated blows and collisions during the process of passing through the crusher in the radial direction.