Location: China

Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Brands: OEM & ODM

Certificate: CE,ISO9001

Model: Customization

Terms of payment: Negotiation

Minimum order quantity: 1 Sets

Price: Consultation

Packing details: Container

Delivery time: Negotiation

Payment method: Negotiation

This machine adopts microcomputer control, touch-type operation interface and wireless remote control, which makes the man-machine dialogue flexible.

The main control components are all international famous brand components, rolling rails are used in horizontal and vertical directions. stepless speed regulation is adopted for lateral movement,and high-precision encoder counting is used for longitudinal division, which ensures the smooth and stable precision of machine operation.

The machine head can automatically tilt 45 degrees and lift the knife along the 45 degree direction. The worktable can be turned 0-85 degrees, 360degree rotation every 45 degrees manual positioning, and can manually push the table for 360 degree arbitrary angle rotation and pneumatic Brake positioning.

This machine is mainly used for the cutting of the home improvement industry or the thin slab that below 80mm. It can cut rectangular, circular arc, round, octagonal, inverted small and medium angle.