I don't buy sport games every year, because I do not feel as the graphics/gameplay enhanced that much that warrants buying the newest one every year. However, I love buying a one years following the NBA 2K21 MT Coins previous one I bought. For instance, I had 2K16, also 2K20 (before it being liberated with ps plus) was at a discount and I gave it a shot. I had a blast and it was fun as hell. Never was somebody who bothered about the MTX section of NBA 2K. I use to play with game games together with friends when they encounter. The only thing I tried and Ultimate team were playing with. Loved the idea of it, but realized that you gotta leave a good deal of cash to be helpful inside. Simply stick to the game and you're fine.

As 2K21, I will not receive it at launch for. The sole reason to buy the next version would be im curious at what they really enhanced, its next gen port. That those who don't like the facet. The majority of the micro transactions are for stuff and fosters to improve your player,most of which can be got through only playing NBA 2K. And frankly by working hard to get it then spending cash to get things, I believe more of a success. I myself decided fuck it and I'll purchase NBA 2K for the ps5, as apparently there will be attributes not present in the ps4 ver, since it goes inline with what I said before.. I will purchase a sport game new if a it's the first one for your peticular console, or even if there were a significant addition to NBA 2K... otherwise I would buy used or when available.

Exactly why NBA 2K is currently increasing their costs and they will get away with it

The reason we're seeing 2K do it first is because they've NBA 2K that appeals to people outside of the hardcore games industry and that is the same reason they will get away with it. I've seen many that are online are saying they will boycott NBA 2K, it will not make a difference. The people who are purchasing NBA 2K most likely don't understand its going to become more expensive on next gen and they most likely don't care. Also, the majority of them don't understand how rampant and egregious trades are. It's merely a matter of time before others do exactly the same. I think games should increase their costs to be clear, I just don't believe NBA 2K ought to be the one. Let me know what you guys think!

I wouldn't have had a issue with them increasing their costs in the event the ps5 copy was backward compatible with PS4, that's my only problem with the entire thing. They've crunched numbers and have estimated that they'll make the most money this way. It is Buy NBA 2K21 MT shitty and not consumer friendly. But companies value money over consumer good will. Prices have become in this creation in most countries. America is the final holdout. Not correct.