1. Light weight and high strength: the Aluminum Corrugated Panel is made of high-quality aluminum coil, and its density is only one third of that of steel.

2. Durability: The aluminum corrugated panel has good corrosion resistance, is waterproof, moisture-proof and maintenance-free, and has a service life of more than ten years.

3. Easy to install: the aluminum corrugated panel is light in weight, easy to process, convenient and quick in construction, and greatly reduces the construction intensity.

4. Strong decorativeness: There are many choices in color and shape of aluminum corrugated panel, which is beautiful and generous in appearance, bright in color, rich in color and anti-fading;

5. High recycling value: because of its corrosion resistance, the recycled aluminum corrugated panel has a high value and the recycling rate is over 80%.

Application scope: aluminum corrugated panel is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, punching holes, special buildings, roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration of long-span steel structure housing; Hotel, automobile 4S shop, airport, subway station, high-speed railway station and other wall decoration; It can also be used for ceiling and wall decoration in art galleries, cafes, etc.

We can customize special aluminum corrugated panel according to customers' requirements, and the surface can be processed by color coating, punching, laminating, embossing, etc.

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