China is a big country in fabric production and consumption. There are many countries with fabric manufacturers and competition is fierce. After China joins the World Trade Organization, textile exports will gradually increase, and high-quality functional fabrics will undoubtedly be short-lived. Therefore, the use of high-tech to develop functional fabrics is of great significance to the improvement of the international competitiveness of China's textile industry, and it also has a larger market development field.

The functional certification of the fabric shall meet the domestic and foreign quality and safety requirements. It is not uncommon for functional products on the market to mix with pearls. Many functional fabrics, especially fabrics specially formulated to provide their special functions, may cause irritation to human skin due to improper use of finishing agents or finishing processes, and may also cause damage. Potential threat to human health. The current functional textile market is highly competitive. Through brand certification, not only can you obtain high-quality products, but also increase the visibility of the products in the domestic market and increase their added value.

Functional organization testing is also needed to regulate the internal market and protect the interests of domestic consumers. Without the power to conduct testing and certification, consumers cannot distinguish their authenticity, and their rights and interests cannot be guaranteed. The greatest significance of functional textile certification is that it should become a weapon of international competition and conquer international shopping centers. It will bring domestic functional fabrics to all parts of the world and comply with international standards.

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