The education and teaching fields lack infrastructure, and progress and development are a thing of the past. At present, the entire field of education and teaching has become powered with the advancement of technology.

ICT resources are various technical tools and resources used to communicate, create, disseminate, store and manage information, and are enriching daily classroom teaching practices. By using interactive whiteboards, audience response systems, visualization tools, projectors, educational content software and ict solutions provider in classroom teaching, the "communication gap" between teachers and students has been completely eliminated.

An interactive whiteboard is one such ict solutions and services, which has gained wide popularity and demand in a short period of time. The interactive whiteboard is seamlessly integrated with visual showcases, PCs, projectors, teaching content software and other ICT solutions to create extremely interactive, motivating and participatory courses, presentations and training courses.

ICT Solutions And Services Provider

Visualizer (also known as document camera) is another such digital ICT presentation and training resource. It consists of a stage and a camera connected to an interactive whiteboard, computer, and projector. This ICT resource can be easily integrated with all ICT solutions and can be used on all networks, servers and software platforms (including Windows, Linux and Mac).

The audience response system of the new era ranks second in the emerging ICT solution category. The audience response system is a mobile phone range for formative and aggregate evaluation applications. It is a medium for establishing interactivity between the presenter and the audience.

All ict solutions in Dubai, as well as many other resources, not only help expand access to education by improving the pertinence and quality of education, but also increase learner motivation and participation in classroom teaching. In addition, ICT solutions can not only improve class concentration, but also promote virtual learning. Interactive whiteboards are more powerful and more intuitive to use.

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