We are a professional hardware manufacturer. Window handles are one of our main products. We are also often referred to as window handle manufacturers. Here we introduce the window handle materials made of uPVC.
How safe are uPVC doors and windows?
Needless to say, since doors and windows are a means of entering any building, they should be structured reasonably and should provide adequate security. Now, when it comes to the safety of doors and windows, what matters is the type of structure and materials used to make these doors and windows. In this case, due to functional advantages, uPVC is commonly used as a material. Add uPVC frames to professional tempered and laminated glass to obtain highly secure doors and windows.
Strength and safety of uPVC profile
For starters, uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, which is a very popular industrial polymer that can be used in the construction and construction industries. It is used to construct the frame and profile of doors and windows, and has many advantages.
Upvc window
It is easy to install and maintain, and requires minimal maintenance. Since uPVC is weatherproof, it will not be damaged by rain, dust, wind and other weather influences. In addition, unlike wood, it will not be infected by termites or damaged by moisture. Unlike aluminum and other metal frames, uPVC does not corrode or cause pitting. This means that structurally speaking, uPVC doors and windows have remained consistent and durable for many years.
Safety glass and anti-theft glass
Another way to ensure the safety of uPVC doors and windows is to install impact-resistant and anti-theft glass between the frames for best results. There are basically two types of safety glass solutions for uPVC doors and windows: high-grade toughened glass for safety damage and impact-resistant laminated glass and glass.
High-grade tempered glass is made by heating and tempering process. This gives the glass its strength several times that of ordinary annealed glass. One of the most important characteristics of tempered glass is that if it is broken, it will break into harmless tiny pebble-like fragments instead of fragments. This prevents injury to anyone nearby during the impact.
Because door and window hardware products are our logo, we are often called window hardware manufacturers.