We are a professional floodlight manufacturer, providing a variety of professional floodlight products, including lawn lamps.
Designing landscape lighting requires vision. One mistake many people make is to focus on the lighting equipment rather than the effects that the lighting equipment will produce. Usually, people choose lamps from beautiful catalogs or shelves in large stores without knowing the light output and beam spread of the lamps. Irrespective of light output and beam spread can greatly hinder the effects one might want to create. When people design lamps instead of considering the landscape lighting of the lamps, it usually leads to undesirable effects.
When you want to highlight the scenery with light, what you need to remember is first to visualize what kind of effect you want to create. After visualizing the desired effect, you need to determine which light bulb (bulb) to use with the correct luminaire to best achieve your expectations.​​​ Ultimately, when approaching lighting, you need to design the lighting effects in your mind. Only when you have the right light, you should find the right lamp.
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