Every open-minded couple is unicorn hunting for this mythical creature, a unicorn woman. It is only a unicorn who has such amazing features like bisexuality, beauty, and willingness to join a couple for threesome.

Unicorn women are ready to join your pair for a threesome or poly relationship. However, they are hard to get. Here is how and where the couple looking for a unicorn woman who will turn your relationship to a palace of fun.

What important things should you do when hunting unicorn?

  • Establish rules with your partner and be clear on boundaries
  • Follow unicorn women where they go
  • Be open-minded and patient
  • Create a couple of profile on unicorn dating sites
  • Check on your wording and be honesty and fair
  • Find unicorns seeking for poly couples
  • Be open to spontaneous possibilities
  • Keep threesome chats

Where to find unicorn women

There are several unicorn women to spice up thing in your bedroom. There several unicorn sites where you are sure to get a beautiful unicorn to make dating fantasies come true. Here are some of the best places to go unicorn hunting

  • Bi Cupid: This is the largest unicorn dating site, with over 1.5 million bisexual women and bi-curious couples. Unicorn hunters are able to get their favorite unicorn or threesome dating partner on this bi-sexual dating community. Bi Cupid has several premium features engineered to offer users the best experience.
  • Adult Friend Finder: Adult Friend Finder comes second despite having the highest number of users, 80+ million. It is an excellent choice for those ready to hunt unicorn woman in diversified site. The site offers tons of appealing features, and getting a unicorn is pretty simple.
  • Bi couples Dating: Bi Couples Dating is dedicated to helping unicorn hunters find a unicorn. This site offers high-quality services to all couple seeking unicorn for a threesome or poly relationships. It offers features where you can search for local unicorn woman to offer you the best group sex.


With this article, you will have ease in finding a unicorn woman. Make sure to do vast research because some are there to consume your hard-earned money with insignificant bed servicing.