Acrylic products have been applied to all areas of life. Due to the superior performance of acrylic materials, they have been processed into advertising light boxes, which include acrylic luminous characters.

However, acrylic luminous characters also have shortcomings. If they are not abrasion-resistant, they are easy to scratch. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the maintenance of acrylic luminous characters. Today, I will follow the editor to understand how to maintain and maintain acrylic luminous letters.

First of all, the surface of acrylic products is easy to wear and scratch, so it is generally cleaned with a feather duster or water, and then wiped with a soft cloth. If there are stains that are not easy to clean on the surface, it is recommended to use a soft detergent and water. Clean it again. Remember not to use gasoline or paint thinner when scrubbing, which will cause irreparable damage to the luminous characters of acrylic products.

Secondly, if the luminous characters of acrylic products are accidentally damaged, they can also be bonded with methylene chloride adhesive or dry agent. Of course, use an acrylic polishing machine to restore.

Finally, the acrylic products should be wiped with a soft cloth. Do not use any detergent containing granular materials to prevent the acrylic products from being scratched, especially chemical agents, which will oxidize the color of the acrylic and damage the appearance of the characters.

The luminous characters of acrylic products need regular maintenance to ensure that the surface of the acrylic luminous characters can be bright and beautiful, and to play the biggest role of acrylic.

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