Jason Scott Jenkins is an actor who has years of experience performing in many mainstream television shows and movies. One of these productions is a movie called Dumbbells, a comedy about fitness and everything related to working out.

Dumbbells is a great movie about Brian Drolet and Hoyt Richards, the writers of the script created a plot about an ex-jock, who isworking as a North Hollywood gym attendant, when his sports career and phony girlfriend slip away from his grasp. This film would have also been a hit in the 1980’s, because it has that fantastic and feel-good element about it.

Jason Scott Jenkins

The friendly comedy Dumbbells is about the friendship between Chris Long, a basketball star whose career abruptly ends just before he makes it to the professional level, and Jack Guy the recent owner of the old, dusty gym who is working as a trainer with a meagre salary. Jack happens to be a former male supermodel, and he wants to use the gym for a reality TV show he is producing, starring his best friend Fabio. This comical movie is full of hilarious jibes and great laughs, and there is no shortage of talent in this wonderful film project.

In Dumbbells Jason plays the role of a star athlete Dre Lincoln who wins a successful championship. He is very built in this role, and his look and powerful physique, and acting skills match this movie perfectly. Sports are a big part of the plot, and Jason’s character Dre Lincoln represents everything that the main character Chris Long strives for. Chris wanted to be the young achiever in the world of sports until his downfall. Jason’s own career as a natural football player in college, helped him understand this role, since he knows from experience the sort of discipline it takes to excel in all sorts of sports and ball games.

Jason has been acting professionally ever since 2005, when he played in the Nip/Tuck Show. One of his strongest suits is playing in comedies as well as action movies. Currently Jason is represented by the Baron Entertainment talent agency.