Humans kept experimenting to bring out the best of natural resources available at hand and create substances that are better in quality and last longer than their natural substitutes. One such material is Poly Vinyl Chloride, widely known as PVC. It is highly preferred these days due to it is lightweight, strength, durability and most of all, water-resistant characteristics.

The pvc furniture board supplier companies provide it for all types of construction applications be it indoor or outdoor owing to its high usability. It has been a good replacement for wood which tends to have all weather effects and is likely to corrode in a few years.

Below is a list of applications of PVC foam boards;
1. Used for the ceilings of Cars, Buses or Trains
2. Widely used for making home and office furniture
3. Used to build external wall panels
4. Home interiors can be designed using PVC foam boards
5. Used in signboards and outdoor advertising kiosks

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