1. High strength and rigidity to bear weight

The Aluminum Honeycomb Panel has ideal stress distribution for shearing, compressing and stretching. Aluminum honeycomb panels can be made of very thin materials with a wide range of material choices and high rigidity to bear weight.

2. Excellent thermal insulation

The interior of the aluminum honeycomb panel is made up of numerous small airtight chambers, so it cannot convect and has excellent heat insulation. It is reasonable that aluminum honeycomb panel has a higher thermal insulation performance than other materials.

3. High fatigue resistance

The aluminum honeycomb panel is an integrated structure in which raw materials are continuously connected. For this reason, there is no stress concentration phenomenon caused by screw and welding structure, and superior fatigue resistance can be maintained, so the material can be used to a wide range of approaching limits.

4. Keep the surface flat

The aluminum honeycomb panel supports the surface panel with numerous hexagonal columns, which makes the surface very flat and can also maintain beautiful appearance.

5. It has rich universality

The aluminum honeycomb panel can adapt to various requirements and be freely selected according to the use place and conditions.

6. Excellent economy

The use of aluminum honeycomb panels can bring similar economic benefits. The stamping process can improve the quality, shorten the delivery period, reduce the weight and save the freight, etc. Its overall effect is very poor compared with the general economy.

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