Home appliance cleaning, the low temperature of the refrigerator can keep food fresh, in the hearts of many people, the refrigerator can keep food fresh all the time. However, fresh-keeping cannot be kept fresh all the time. The refrigerator's fresh-keeping environment will become worse and worse due to irregular reasons, which affects the health of food.

The refrigerator needs to be wiped and cleaned internally, but has the coil behind the device been condenser coil?

How to clean the refrigerator, the wavy coil behind the refrigerator releases heat from the condenser. Over time, they collect dust and dirt, thereby reducing efficiency, making the condenser work twice as long to keep the food cool, and eventually destroying the refrigerator.

1. Unplug your refrigerator first. Then pull the device away from the wall. If there is a cover on the coil, please gently remove it first.

2. Take a broom and shoot down as many debris as possible to loosen the dirt. Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb all debris. You may need to empty the vacuum multiple times, depending on the cumulative amount there.

3. When you are done, if possible, remove the grid under the refrigerator and clean it. If it cannot be disassembled, please clean it with vinegar and water solution.

4. Before pushing the refrigerator back, please clean the hard-to-reach places. Reopen the device and it should cool down within 15 minutes. Repeat every 6 months or when time changes.

For details, please consult: fin coil.