We are a professional mould manufacturer, among which Plastic Pail Mould is one of our main products.
What are the characteristics of our mold design?
1. The software we use includes Pro-Engineer, I-Deas, Cimetron, Auto-Cad and Solidworks.
2. Cutomer can send us 2D and 3D formats via .igs .stp.
3. We can provide mold flow analysis services.
4. Mold design (with the best optimized mold water channel layout design and the best cycle time performance consideration design)
For mold making:
When making mold projects, according to the customer's requirements for mold steel, we select the appropriate mold steel grade for customers. We have high-quality mold steel imported from Germany and Japan for the production of mold projects. Then, the gate method will be discussed, the mold surface will be discussed, the mold cooling channel design will be checked, the operation method will be discussed, the molding machine size will be determined, and the mold mechanism in actual production will be determined and inspected. Only after our mold engineers have discussed mold engineering with customers in detail, we can continue the mold manufacturing work.
In addition, we also have other types of products, such as 18L Pail Moulds, etc. If you are interested in our products, please consult and contact us.