We are a professional mold manufacturer, which mainly produces various barrel molds. For example, 20L Bucket Mould is one of our products.
As for the 20L bucket mold, I have to talk about the bucket, which has been used in the industrial field. Such as 20L lubricating oil bucket and 20L paint bucket. More and more investors are turning their new projects to barrel production lines.
In order to start a new 20L bucket production line, what we need to provide for this bucket production line. First of all, we need to manufacture 20L barrel molds and Dakumar injection molding machine DKM650Ton. We recommend using a servo motor machine to save factory power.
New 20L barrel factory established
For the 20L barrel forming line, the cycle time is 25 seconds. If used with the mold label, the surface will be like printing, and it can be in various styles. The cycle time is about 35 seconds. We have provided more than 50 barrel production lines for global customer factories Bucket turnkey project.
For the 20L bucket mold, we use P20 or 718H as the mold steel. The mold life is 500K. Applicable machines are DKM650Ton energy-saving machines, and auxiliary machines include automatic loaders, hopper dryers, cooling towers, and water chillers.
We have rich experience in providing customers with all liter barrel forming lines. Welcome to contact us for more technical information about barrel production lines.
In addition, we also provide other types of products, such as 18L Bucket Moulds. If you are interested in our products, please consult and contact us.