The difference between TPU composited fabric and PTFE composite fabric. Many jackets use PU and TPU composite fabric/cloth materials, which are also waterproof and moisture-permeable, but in actual outdoor environments, they are very different from the E-PTFE composite fabric/cloth material used by GoreTex. different.

Only those foreign regular channel products (marked with GOER-TEX) and domestic (marked with DENTIK) products use E-PTFE microporous membrane.

The difference between E-PTFE composite fabric/cloth and TPU composite fabric/cloth, PU composite fabric/cloth:

TPU composite fabric/fabric and PTFE composite fabric/fabric are equivalent under static temperature between 20 degrees and 30 degrees, but under dynamic conditions, there is a large amount of exercise and increased sweating. TPU moisture conduction is limited, and it is too late to vomit when it is full. At low temperatures, the lower the temperature, the greater the difference.

As the temperature drops, the molecular activity of TPU composite fabrics/cloths decreases and shrinks. When 0 degrees Celsius, the moisture conductivity of TPU composite fabrics/cloths decreases exponentially, and it is almost zero when it is below 0 degrees. It becomes brittle and easy to break when it reaches minus 15 degrees. Pour boiled water directly on it and it will deform when the temperature is high, while E-PTFE will not change between minus 150 degrees and 300 degrees. The moisture conductivity is unchanged, and the water vapor can be discharged faster, keeping it dry and comfortable.

Moreover, it has strong corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, and can protect against toxic chemicals. The micropores of E-PTFE are not a straight channel, but the channel is formed into a network structure in the membrane, and the wind cannot pass directly. It turns back when the barrier changes direction to achieve windproof effect and at the same time play a warmth. Therefore, E-PTFE composite fabric/cloth is an ideal material for use in harsh environments.

Boil a pot of water and cover the cloth. It is e-ptfe that can clearly and continuously see the water vapor, instead of the cover glass. The water vapor is seen on the glass because the tpu composite fabric/cloth has a certain The breathable function is now made of tpu very thin, but in the actual outdoor environment, it is very different from the E-PTFE composite fabric/cloth material used by GoreTex.

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