How to make the ocean-themed aquarium tunnel restaurant design better?

1. Color allocation

The ocean theme restaurant design is generally liked by younger people. The seats can also be designed to be simpler. The tables and chairs need to be configured in white or blue, and then some fish tanks are used as partitions. The fish tanks can breed all kinds of Such tropical fish will look very cute, and some underwater scenery can be painted on the wall, so as to better reflect the ocean theme style.

3. Deployment of decoration items

This style of restaurant has relatively high requirements for the height of the house. The corridor can be designed into a curved shape. Some rectangular fish tanks can be designed on the walls of the restaurant, and then a variety of fish can be cultivated inside, so as to allow The restaurant has become more lively. Some lifebuoy decoration items can be set up at the entrance, some beautiful stones can be laid on the ground, and some green plants can be planted in the gaps of the stones, which will make it more beautiful.

3. Luxury design method

If you want to design a more luxurious ocean theme restaurant, you need to design an arc-shaped passage, just like sitting on the seabed for international meals, and then set up some dining tables and chairs at the edge of the passage, which can be equipped with wood-colored tables and chairs. The white table and chairs will be more harmonious. It is also possible to set up some small lights on the side of the table so that you can see the fish swimming around you more clearly when you eat. It is a very magical thing.

4. Satisfying customer curiosity

The design of ocean theme restaurant is to attract customers, so that customers can be satisfied with curiosity and curiosity. Therefore, this theme restaurant is also liked by many people. The design of theme restaurant needs to be designed from the perspective of customers, and attention needs to be paid to the exquisite decoration Some, it is necessary for customers to experience a real feeling of being on the bottom of the sea in order to attract more customers. If the area of ​​the restaurant is relatively large, then more tables and chairs can be set up to accommodate more customers. If the restaurant with the ocean theme style can be better designed, then customers will enjoy it very much.

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