Stainless Steel Composite Panel is used more and more in daily life, and its production has certain requirements for the selection of materials. Let's take a look at the specific requirements.

Selection of grinding wheel speed: from the point of view of improving the cutting performance of grinding wheel and grinding stainless steel, high grinding wheel speed should be selected, but the high speed of losing cutting ability due to wheel blockage is opposite, and it is easy to burn and cut the surface easily, so the grinding wheel speed should be carefully selected for grinding stainless steel. The grinding speed of stainless steel wheel should not exceed 25m/s.

Selection of workpiece speed: the basic principle of the change of workpiece rotation speed and grinding wheel speed is that the grinding wheel speed is low and the public is low; As the grinding wheel speed is high, the public will also increase, which can keep the chip area basically unchanged. Proportional changes can reduce grinding scratches. In general, the rotational speed of the workpiece and the speed of the grinding wheel are selectable within 1/601/100.

Selection of grinding depth: When grinding tough and high plastic materials, such as stainless steel, the grinding depth is less than or equal to 0.01 mm, and the grinding wheel is prone to adhesive blockage, such as burns and scratches. When the sand has a certain radius, the grinding depth is too small, the sand cuts into the matrix, the brush squeezes and scratches the surface, the grinding force and grinding heat up, the chip is easy to bond and block the grinding wheel, which reduces the cutting ability of the grinding wheel and scratches the surface.

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