1. What are the applications of foam board?
Construction; Advertisement (printing, computer lettering, carving etc.); Signage; POP; Cupboard (kitchen); Furniture board; Marine; Water park; Seashore wet-proof facility; Various interlayer; Decoration board, upholstery, mould plate for train, car and many more.

2. What are the advantages of foam board?
Foam board is a planar material constructed of one sheet of CFC-free polystyrene adhered between two sheets of acid-free paper. Foam board is an adaptable material that is environmentally-friendly and flexible. It has a variety of uses, comes in many colours and is suitable for home, office or business use.

3. Do foam sheets absorb sound?

4. What are the characteristics of 4x8 pvc foam board?
The surface of the foam board, like many other types of paper, is slightly acidic. However for modern archival picture framing and art mounting purposes it can be produced in a neutral, acid-free version with a buffered surface paper, in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Foam-cored materials are also now available with a cladding of solid (non-foamed) polystyrene and other rigid plastic sheeting, some with a textured finish.

5. What are the Features of foam board?
Strong and durable PVC boards in white; Foam board is of lightweight and easy to install; Will not rot, warp, delaminate, cup or twist; Resistant to weathering, shock and abrasion; Salt water corrosion resistant; Impervious to salts, insects and many chemicals, including some acids; Doesn't mold; Can be worked just like wood; Non-toxic; 100% recyclable; Fire-retardant(self-extinguishing); Virtually maintenance free.

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