Plastic Pail Moulds usually have many applications. For example, in the medical field, commonly used materials for injection molding medical parts include:
Polyethylene is light, soft, tough and biologically inert, but it cannot withstand higher sterilization temperatures. It is commonly used in medical supplies, such as dispensing bottles, IV tubes and medical implants. It has many variants (such as LDPE, HDPE and UHMW), with different degrees of rigidity and durability. UHMW is usually integrated into prostheses of the hip, knee or other joints.
Polypropylene is very durable and can withstand the extreme temperatures of autoclave and radiation sterilization processes. This makes it ideal for reusable medical equipment such as syringes, test tubes, beakers and pipettes.
Polystyrene is known for its hardness, chemical and temperature stability, and biocompatibility. It is transparent and not as soft as other medical grade plastics, and is usually used in test tubes, petri dishes and diagnostic equipment.
Polycarbonate is transparent, tough, and highly resistant to impact, ultraviolet radiation and heat, all of which make it very valuable in the manufacture of dialysis equipment, intravenous connectors and even surgical instruments.
When you use plastic instead of metal instead of plastic as a medical component, you can reduce the adverse effects caused by corrosion, pollution and patient sensitivity. The physical and chemical properties of molded plastic are more suitable to meet the strict standards of the medical industry while maintaining the health and safety of patients.
Like 18L Pail Moulds, 20L barrel molds are our common specifications. We also produce other specifications of molds, if you have special size requirements, we can also provide customization.