PTAC air conditioner, which is the abbreviation of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner. They are used a lot in the hotel industry-you may already be staying in a hotel that owns a hotel. PTAC is an independent air conditioning unit, installed through the outer wall instead of through the window. Although PTAC can be installed through windows, most of them are 42 inches wide, so it must be a large window. Each room has a machine, and each machine is independently controlled. Some PTAC machines are used for heating and air conditioning.

In some cases, PTAC air conditioning units may be more energy efficient (and therefore more "green") than traditional window unit air conditioners or central units. Here are 10 environmental reasons why you should consider a PTAC unit.

1. Many models have electronic temperature limits. You can set separate heating and cooling ranges to prevent extreme usage costs.

2. If you are in the hotel industry, you can order a desktop ready control that allows you to open the unit when the guest arrives, and then close it after leaving.

3. You can get the PTAC unit of energy efficiency ratio (EER). This will help you save electricity.

4. You can add custom controls for institutional use (offices, schools, etc.), such as providing start/stop control of heating or air conditioning from a designated time in the morning to a designated time in the evening. This control is linked to the central energy management system.

5. Using the remote temperature sensor with PTAC air conditioner can make the temperature sensor on the inner wall perform better temperature control than the unit sensor.

6. Cleanable and reusable filter can prevent the coil from falling off dirt and lint. They can be easily removed, cleaned and reinserted, allowing users to easily maximize the energy efficiency of PTAC equipment.

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