Under normal conditions of use, the feeding and discharging of the Rapid Splitter are proportional. As we all know, the feeding situation of the Rapid Splitter is controlled manually, but the discharging cannot be controlled manually, which causes some Rapid Splitter to discharge. The material is not ideal. If the output of the equipment is not ideal, the profit cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the user needs to know what factors cause the Rapid Splitter to discharge the material.

  The Rapid Splitter is not good, and it can be analyzed from two aspects:
1. Rapid Splitter does not discharge or discharges slowly. In this case, you need to consider the moisture of the raw materials. If the moisture is too large, it will inevitably cause the blockage of the screen. Once the screen is blocked, it will cause no discharge. .

  1. Chipper Shredder half discharge: This situation occurs mainly due to a small round hole under the belt pulley. The round hole under the Chipper Shredder host pulley is used for air extraction. Before the equipment is running, the round hole cover needs to be opened. The opposite round hole is used to connect the induced draft fan.

  If the Chipper Shredder is running, the round hole cover under the pulley is not opened or not opened, and the machine is leaning against the pulley, and the material inside will be blocked. The more the blocking, the more the material will come out from the inlet. This happens. The solution is to open the round hole cover under the belt pulley, so that the induced draft fan will draw air from the outside of the machine body and introduce one side of the material into the induced draft fan.