You think that they assembled a new game in one year? That's pretty damn naive unless they plan on releasing a buggy mess. They likely just upgraded the textures given that the machine architecture is pretty much identical to the gen with more horsepower. It will be stupid to NBA 2K21 MT Coins rebuild from the ground given the money that they earn from microtransactions and their sales. They stated because that doesn't actually have to mean anything, that they rebuilt it from the bottom up in their advertisements. It sounds great, which explains why they didn't detail about what that really means, anything.

Who said they've just been working on this for a year? A new engine isn't a 1-2 year commitment and could cost tens of thousands. Do you really think Take 2 is oking millions in additional spending for years of dev time for no extra ROI? This is the company now triple dipping on GTA V, and double on 2K that said their clients were being under monetized. They are just throwing out marketing speak to build hype and it is clearly working.

There is A game engine that is rebuilt still going to require that really doesn't matter. Working on it for 2 years would indicate pulling 2K21 on the gen, and people off 2K20 or going on a hiring spree for no profit. People are going to buy it and spend a ton on VC should only the textures changes. Do you believe there is a company going to invest a couple million bucks on a long time of development that makes them no gain that is additional? 10 decent devs alone will run at least $ 1M per year in comp to you. They aren't spending that while making greater than ever.

I Understand How to make it simpler or if I just wait for nba 2K21

My construct has got the badges 10/10/18/18 but that I k ow how to create the build 10/10/20/18 I learned my wingspan could be a little longer with not many repercussions. Should I remake my build or nah? I really don't think that's enough of a gap to begin over this late. I remade my two way play slash back to from 11/7/23/20 Wing length to 11/10/20/20 2 ticks up on wingspan and I am just now finishing the build up. Need 5 badges and 2 finishing.

Yeah this one your decision! If that is the only construct you make it a beast, go for it and utilize. Otherwise I'd have some fun and make something different. Yeah it is pretty much the one I use. I mean the build I have is still great don't get me wrong. I just that with a few tweaks I believe he could be a good deal better. I will list some of the changes. Dimensions: Badge Count change from 10/10/18/ / 20 into 10/10/20/18. Wingspan growth from 84.7 to 86.6. Defense but profits more playmaking badges Loses 1 to Buy NBA 2K21 MT 3 point shot but gains multiple attributes.