Packaging is used for products in circulation in all walks of life, so what is the concept and function of label for big brand companies in FMCG industry? And what are the functions of print labels supplier?

Labels, bearing the complete product information and display effect, also show the temperament and personality of the product itself, which should be said to make the finishing point for product packaging. One of the requirements for labels on finished packaging is the quality requirement, that is, no wrinkles, no bubbles, no scratches, no burrs, etc., accurate printing overprint, no overlapping, no ink leakage, no ink impurities, etc., good adhesion and no warping. The other is the new requirement of the information age, that is, to carry more product introduction materials, display them in the form of QR codes, and connect to promotional information such as brand stories and similar product introductions behind more products; There is also AR technology, that is, consumers scan product labels and play the previously recorded video photo files, so that consumers feel immersive, integrate into the brand, and improve consumers' sense of the scene.

Labels are never the more expensive or the higher the cost, the better, but the more consistent with brand positioning and outstanding brand personality, the better. Of course, the choice of labels is also bound by the profit rate index of products, so it is necessary to seek the balance of materials, processes and designs in the limited cost space. However, the future label is the collection carrier of big data, which can integrate consumer usage data and omni-channel logistics data through RFID technology, and become an important resource for brand companies, which is convenient for further exploring new markets.

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