Door hinges are one of our products, so we are usually called door hinge manufacturers. Here is an introduction to the commercial use of door hinges.

What is a commercial door hinge?

Commercial door hinges are thicker load-bearing hardware that can be used for many years. When considering which door hinge to use, the structure and purpose of the door hinge are also particularly important.

In terms of size and configuration, the typical size of commercial butt hinges is 4½” x 4½”, thickness is 1””, and diameter is 1⁄2”. The corners are usually square. They are larger than ordinary hinges because they must be more Deal with more wear and tear in a long time and work under weight, pressure and surrounding environment. This heavy-duty hardware has a variety of finishes, but stainless steel is considered a superior material.

Ball hinges are one of the most common types in commercial use. These hinges can prevent heavy door problems that can occur during long-term use in offices, hospitals and industrial buildings. These lubricated bearings can run smoothly and quietly, and for heavy, wide doors or outer doors, they can run reliably for a long time.

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