1 The humidity of the wood material will affect the output of Chipper Shredder. Normally, the freshly harvested wood needs to be exposed to the sun for 3-5 days to reach the best effect.

  1. The wood should be as straight as possible. The bent wood is processed after straightening.

  2. Pay attention to check the hammer bolts of Chipper Shredder. If they are loose, tighten them immediately. When the hammer and bolts are severely worn, replace them.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to put wood mixed with stones, nails and other items into the machine to prevent damage to the blade and internal parts.

Reminder: These are the key points that we need to pay attention to before operating the Rapid Splitter. Skilled operators are more familiar with these. I believe that we start from the details and the processed wood chips will definitely be high-quality wood chips.

In order to better use Rapid Splitter, we should not only improve its work efficiency, but also maintain it so that it can reduce the probability of failure in future use, which can also reduce its The waste in the work can better save costs, so as to ensure that each wood chip can be used when cutting.