Easy to Use
Even those with no prior experience can quickly learn how to use a hot stamping foil. Moreover, heat press machines take up little room in your shop and allow you to print on various parts of clothing, so you can produce wraparound prints, for example.

Less Messy
One of the biggest advantages of using a heat transfer t-shirt printing machine is the fact that it is less messy than a screen printing machine, which requires the use of solvents and dyes. Your products won’t get damaged by ink spills if you use a heat transfer machine because you can put your heat transfer machine in a small studio and bring your transferrable images over from elsewhere.

High Quality
Heat presses print t-shirts quickly and economically without sacrificing quality. The machines are capable of printing complex, vivid, and full color images created in programs like CorelDRAW and offer excellent image resolution.

Affordable Cost
Screen printing is cost-effective for large runs of hundreds of identical items. For small runs, such as six pieces, the unit cost of t-shirts made with heat press technology is lower. Purchasing a heat press machine is also relatively inexpensive. Depending on the volume of orders received, a business can quickly recoup its investment and start turning a profit.

The plastic bucket heat transfer machine is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!