In mould labels has unparalleled advantages in applicable fields, and self-adhesive sticker with many advantages are no exception. However, in order to successfully apply in mould labels and gain new profit points, end product manufacturers should also be aware of the challenges they will face.

First, if the labeling is not satisfactory, it will cause double waste of containers and labels. The integration of the in mould labels and the container determines that it is troublesome to remove the in mould labels from the container. When the labeling is unsatisfactory or the label needs to be replaced, it will cause double waste of the container and label.

Secondly, the special mold with in mould labels not only increases the anti-counterfeiting, but also increases the cost input of enterprises. Therefore, in mould labels is suitable for orders with large batch and large number of single products, but not for orders with small quantity and short lead time.

Thirdly, the curvature of the blow-molded container should be considered if the label in the mold is selected. If the curvature is too large, it will cause difficulty in exhausting air during in mould labeling.

Therefore, in order to benefit from in mould labels, end product manufacturers need to comprehensively analyze and weigh the advantages and disadvantages according to their own product characteristics.

Any label form is not omnipotent, and each label has its own unique characteristics. In mould labels is only a supplementary form of self-adhesive sticker, and no one can be replaced in the most suitable field.

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